Roll Recovery R4 Deep Tissue Body Roller

5 out of 5 Customer Rating


Roll Recovery R4 Deep Tissue Body Roller

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Product Description

Designed to be the most effective foam roller on the market, every detail on the R4™ Body Roller was considered. The size, surface texture, material density and shape were optimized to target specific muscle groups. The key focus points are the center groove to align with the spine and neck, along with a profile to help loosen tight IT-bands, calf muscles and many other areas of the body. Feedback from elite athletes and physical therapists were crucial to the development of the R4™ Body Roller.



  • Spine and neck alignment center groove. 
  • Unique diamond pattern for better grip 
  • Designed to alleviate IT-Band tightness by targeting surrounding muscles. 
  • Center support in the core to maintain strength and stiffness where needed.
  • Roll wanted to create something really special with the R4. To make the best of something requires a great deal of thought and questioning. How do we make it durable for years of use? How can we target so many different muscle groups? What kind of density is just right? Why are so many foam rollers out there so ugly? Does it really need to vibrate or is that a gimmick? How do we make it joyful to use? These are the questions thatRoll believes they'vs answered with the creation of the R4. It is their hope many athletes will find it useful in their recovery arsenal.
  • FIND THE RIGHT SPOT. The R4 was designed to relax the spine and neck while rolling the back muscles. The center groove can also single out the IT-Band and Achilles tendon.
  • HIGH DENSITY EVA FOAM. The surface pattern and proprietary EVA foam were carefully considered to provide the best feel and friction. TARGETED MUSCLE GROUPS. Designed to reach the areas you need it most.
  • ALL IN THE DETAILS. Thoughtfully designed for you.


  • 18" x 6" (45.7cm x 15.2cm) 
  • 2.6 lbs (1.17 kg) 
  • Proprietary High-density EVA Foam 
  • Core: Engineered ABS