Asics Superblast

5 out of 5 Customer Rating


Asics Superblast

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Club Price: $179.95
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Product Description

ASICS SUPERBLAST™ Unisex: Where Innovation Meets Every Stride  

Introducing the Revolution: Dive into the Future with the SUPERBLAST™                                                                                                    From the esteemed lineage of the BLAST series, ASICS unveils the SUPERBLAST™, the new beacon of unparalleled performance and distinctive style. Created for those who refuse to be boxed into categories, the SUPERBLAST™ encapsulates agility for tempo runs, resilience for long-distance, and the perfect dash of panache for everyday wear.


Features That Make Every Run Exceptional:

  • Premier Cushioning with FF BLAST™ TURBO: Revel in every step with one of ASICS' lightest and uber-responsive midsole foams. Every stride, a celebration; every run, an adventure.
  • FF BLAST™ PLUS - Elevate the Experience: Crafted to cradle your foot in comfort, this cushioning ensures sublime landings paired with a springy rebound that propels you forward.
  • Asymmetric Mesh Magic: With an engineered two-toned color palette, the SUPERBLAST™ is not just a running shoe; it's a statement. The unique woven design, distinct colors on medial and lateral sides ensure you stand out, not just for your performance but your style.
  • Designed for the Audacious: Beyond functionality, the SUPERBLAST™ is an embodiment of aesthetics. The contrast hues lend a unique charm, making it more than just a running shoe.

Specifications to Take Note Of:

  • Weight: Approximately 239g (Based on men’s US size 9)
  • Total Stack Height: Rear: 45.5mm Fore: 37.5mm

The SUPERBLAST™ isn't just a running shoe; it's a challenge to the ordinary. It calls upon you to embrace every path, every run, every dream with renewed fervor. Choose SUPERBLAST™. Choose to be extraordinary.