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Top 6 Tips For Trail Running


Top 6 tips for trail running

There are many reasons that trails draw runners  from all over the world! Trail running not only provides an escape from the “real world” and allows you to be one with the Earth around you but also provides a change of scenery from the normal paved roads or tracks that runners frequent on a daily basis. Trail running is vastly different from road running so we provided a list of top 5 tips for trail running to help you start your trail journey!



Choose the right trail/know the route

One of the most important aspects of trail running is finding the right trail. Depending on where you live, various trails of varying degrees of difficulty may be available for you. It is important to keep in mind that no two trails are alike. Some are flat, some have various hills, and others have a mixture of the two. Depending on your experience level, it is important to choose your trail accordingly. After choosing your trail, make sure you know your trail! We recommend using a Garmin smartwatch that not only has GPS capabilities but also has built-in map features to keep you on track.



Find the right shoes

Of course, one of the most important tips for trail running is to find the perfect running shoes. Not any running shoes will work for trail running. Trail running shoes are specifically designed with trail running specific features like more tractionable outsoles to combat the elements, more protective barriers along the toes and sides of the foot, and more durable materials along the upper and midsole. If you are not sure which trail running shoe may be best for you, shop online at or come into your nearest Fit2Run retail locations and let one of Fit Experts help you out!


Here are our top picks:

On Cloudultra

Tame every trail with the On Cloudultra! This versatile ultra-cushioned, ultra-comfortable trail running shoe is made for all-terrain adventure and off-roading. 


Brooks Cascadia

Conquer any trail in the Brooks Cascadia. This trail running shoe offers all-terrain stability and durable protection, with softer and lighter cushioning to ensure a continuously smooth ride. Also available in a stability option!


On Cloudventure

On’s original trail running shoe, the Cloudventure now comes with Helion™ superfoam and an updated CloudTec configuration for improved comfort and a sensational ride, even on the steepest of climbs and fastest of downhills. 


Altra Lone Peak

The Lone Peak from Altra is ready to take on any terrain with trail features like Altra’s signature grippy MaxTrac™ outsole with TrailClaw™ canted lugs designed to keep you going. 


On Cloudvista

One of the lightest in On's trail collection, the Cloudvista keeps your strides spry as you twist up switchbacks and bound across ridgelines. The low-profile platform still packs in all the cushy comfort and high-energy rebound while giving you an increased ground feel to encourage a natural gait and boost proprioception.




Focus on how you feel, not the time or distance

Trail running provides an array of obstacles that might not be present in everyday road running. First and most noticeable is the terrain. Trail paths change daily depending on factors such as the weather, foot traffic, etc. It is important to keep in mind that your road running pace will likely not be your trail running pace and that is okay! When trail running, focus on the time, not the distance, especially if you are a beginner on the trails. Run by how you feel, not by the time it takes or distance you go!



Dress for the run

Aside from the right running shoes, you need some specific gear to get you through a trail run. As with any outdoor run, you first want to consider the climate when choosing what to wear for a trail run. Consider if there might be a potential for rain or variation in temperatures when choosing your apparel and always remember, cotton is not your friend when it comes to running clothes! Aside from the right apparel, since you will be on the trails, you will likely be distant from any sort of water fountain or nutrition so pack those with you! Consider a Nathan hydration vest or waist pak for easy access to water and stock up on your nutrition by placing it in your waist pak! 



Keep your eyes on the trail!

The last and probably most important of the tips for trail running is to keep your eyes on the trail! With their uneven paths and hilly tendencies, trails tend to offer a more dangerous array of obstacles over road running. One glance up can cause a small trip or larger fall that can seriously injure you. Be sure you are consistently scanning the ground in front of you for any rogue branches, stumps, or any other obstacles.



Stop and enjoy your surroundings!

Arguably one of the biggest pulls of trail running is the incredible views you are sure to experience. Be sure to take your time and take a look at the scenery when you are on the trails. Depending on the climate and terrain of the trail you have chosen, there will likely be some amazing views and awesome wildlife.



Run the trails!

Trail running can be a bit daunting at first glance. The terrain and differences in gear are among the things that make trail running so much different than road or track running but that is all part of the fun! Get out on your nearest trail and explore the great outdoors! Just be sure to keep these tips in mind and stock up on the best trail running gear at Fit2Run!


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