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Tag: injury prevention

  1. Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Socks For Running

    Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Socks For Running On a daily basis most of us don’t think much about our socks, to most it’s just second nature to slip on a pair anytime you are wearing closed-toe shoes. That is until we are introduced to socks for running and discover the wonders of what the perfect fit running sock can do for our running and everyday activities. Check out what makes Read more...
  2. Hurt Less, Run More

    Hurt Less, Run More Almost every runner experiences some type of running-related pain during his or her career. For some, all it takes is a new pair of shoes. For others, pain may persist for weeks, months or even years. At some point, about half will experience at least one injury which curbs their training for an extended time. Most of these pains and injuries can be avoided. Find out how. Read more...

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