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A Runner's Guide To Running Etiquette


A Runner’s Guide To Running Etiquette

Running in itself may be a solo sport but to really dive into the running community, runners rely on each other for motivation, encouragement, and accountability. Within the running community there are some unwritten understandings that help ensure everyone has a fun and enjoyable run, especially on race day. We chatted with some Fit2Run Fit Experts and asked them what they considered to be the top tips when it comes to running etiquette and this is what they had to say:


Woman running with headphones

Tip #1: Consider other runners when listening to music

Some runners love to listen to music while they’re out running and there are some great benefits to combining music and running. Music can not only help with motivation to keep you going, but it can also act as a distraction from your negative thoughts during longer runs. While a lot of runners prefer to listen to some cool beats during their run, consider others around you who might prefer to listen to their thoughts or their surroundings. Consider wearing headphones connected to your phone or smart watch and not playing the music out loud for all to hear. While your personal music may be just the thing to put an extra pep in your step it may not be the case for others.


Man running across finish line being offered cup of water

Tip #2: Hydrate yourself, not everyone else 

During most races, runners are handed a cup of water to ensure they remain hydrated throughout the run. Unique to mid-race hydration stops, you can most likely dispose of the cup anywhere on the ground as the race will have staff and volunteers to help with clean up. But, keep in mind the presence of other runners around you when you dispose of your cup. Before throwing your cup, take a look around to make sure your water doesn’t splash someone nearby and even if your cup is empty, be careful the cup doesn’t trip runners nearby.


Two women smiling and taking a selfie

Tip #3: Cheer for EVERY runner

As a runner you might know that it’s normal to experience some negative thoughts during a run and many times, especially during a race, we need a little extra push to get through to the finish. Sometimes all it takes is a mid-run reminder from someone else. Whether you’ve experienced it personally or not, a random “You got this!” sign from a spectator or a “Don’t give up, keep going!” cheer from a fellow runner could make all the difference. So next time you’re participating in a race, share a motivational cheers to a random runner and stick around after you’re done running to cheer on the rest of the runners.


Woman running with dog

Tip #4: Run with your 4 legged friends on a leash 

“There’s no friends like running friends” and that includes our four legged friends! Great companions for running, dogs can also serve as motivators and are always a crowd favorite on race day. When running with dogs please consider the safety of those around you and your dog by having them run with you on a leash. This will prevent the possibility of unfortunate accidents or uncomfortable run ins while on the run. 



Make running a sport for all to enjoy

The running community is an especially enthusiastic group of people. But for many reasons, it is a community like no other. While we all might be at different levels of the sport we have a general understanding of one another and respect the hard work that goes into being a runner. We come together on race day to celebrate the sport we love and work together, to make running the best sport for all to enjoy! Ready for your next race?  Check out the upcoming Fit2Time races happening in a Fit2Run neighborhood near you.


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