1. Body Awareness | Movement

    Body Awareness | Movement When trying to maintain mobility or avoid injury it is important to be aware of how the body moves. The body functions as an interconnected unit. Many bones, joints, muscles and tissues work together just to do a basic squat, or reach to answer the phone, or type on a computer. Each part affects the other parts, and it’s important to recognize that addressing the entire biomechanical chain, rather than just one problem area, is the key. Here are some basics regarding human movement, and the way we address it. Read more...
  2. Body Awareness | Dysfunction

    Body Awareness | Dysfunction What Are Trigger Points? And Why Do They Occur? If one part of your body is not performing at its optimal level, other areas of the body will compensate. Eventually, these other areas can be compromised as well. Over time, this leads to injury. Muscles that have Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs) have been found to decrease range of motion because of pain. The muscle can fatigue more rapidly as well. But why? Read more...
  3. Wellness | Pain

    Wellness | Pain Pain is a warning signal from the body. It is much like the “check engine” light on the dashboard of your car. The check engine light is there to tell you that you have an issue that needs to be resolved. Many people take the warnings of the human body as “non-threatening” and either ignore the warning or try to cover it up with over-the-counter medicine. Unfortunately, this leads to chronic pain more times than not. Once pain is experienced, you should stop what you are doing and determine the source. Read more...

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