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You'll always be "On" track to meet your running goals when you're dressed for them. On Running was formed in Switzerland in 2010 with the goal of changing the running world. Their concept of the ultimate running shoe with a firm take-off and cushioned landing will have you feel like you're running on a cloud! This Swiss performance running gear is now trusted by more than three million runners around the world, and at Fit2Run, we're helping even more people join the revolution regardless of their running goals.

Order men's and women's On running gear 24/7 from the Fit2Run online superstore. Our selection includes On racing shoes, trail shoes, neutral jogging shoes and stability shoes. The cushioning in these shoes activates when you land to absorb shocks, but immediately firms up when you push off again, giving you an explosive take-off as well. Add in lightweight upper mesh to improve ventilation, a secure fit at any speed and the super-sticky Missiongrip™ outer sole, and you have a shoe to help you fly.

On has also developed a line of Swiss performance apparel so you'll be ahead of the pack from head to toe. Dress your upper body in the latest On running T-shirts, tank-tops, long-sleeve shirts and jackets that wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature. There are special weather running jackets as well for rain and snow. Choose from all sorts of On running shorts and athletic pants along with colorful sport socks that will have you feeling too comfortable to ever turn back.

Fill your running wardrobe with On elite athletic gear that is still tested in the Swiss Alps. If you visit a Fit2Run superstore in person, you get a free gait analysis, access to an indoor testing track and other support from our trained staff to help you choose the right products. Our fit is your fit when it comes to finding running shoes and apparel that are On point!

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