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Running Shoes

Whether you are intent on improving your physical fitness and mental stamina, enjoying the wonders of nature while traversing its trails or doing your personal best to win at track meets, Fit2Run is here to help. Whatever your wish, footwear is available here to make your sports dreams come true. When you browse our unbeatable selection of women's running shoes and athletic footwear, you can find exactly the right pair of sports shoes to make your fantasy a reality.

We stock hundreds of women's running shoe types here, making it possible to find exactly the right one for your needs. Our famous brands include Brooks Ghost running; women's Asics running shoes; women's Hoka running shoes. In short, women's athletic shoes from all the best brands are available here.

You'll find sizes ranging from 5 to 12 and regular to extra-wide, ensuring the perfect fit for your feet. If you're not sure about your shoe size, consider joining Club Fit2Run. For a modest annual fee, you'll get to try out your new shoes with a 30-day risk-free exchange policy. You'll also be able to take advantage of a 10% discount and other great benefits.

If you live in Florida or Puerto Rico or are visiting to enjoy the sunshine, come into one of our stores. Our iStep system can instantly analyze your feet for the correct shoe size as well identifying your foot type and pressure points.

A free in-store videotaped gait analysis will help you select the best kind of shoe for your foot type and running or walking style. Once you know your requirements, you can choose among dozens of neutral running shoes available in your choice of minimal to maximum cushioning or stability shoes with light or moderate support. If you have questions, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at our family-owned company is always happy to help.

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