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The best high performance socks for marathons, ultra marathons and endurance running.
If your heel is more narrow than average or your sock tends to ride-down as you run, we highly recommend the low cut style of Experia ProLite. In general, the ProLite was specially designed for the bio-mechanics of long distance running like marathons, ultra runs and endurance running. In those situations, the foot needs enhanced cooling and the wicking of sweat becomes critical. Experia ProLite is exceptional at both. The friction-free nature of NanoGLIDE in conjunction with its cooling and wicking properties create the best “bio-environment” for a distance runner’s feet. If you are a “heavy sweater” (hyperhidrosis) you will really appreciate the hydrophobic properties of NanoGLIDE to move the moisture away from your foot at incredible speed and out of the sock to the shoe and onto the external environment.
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Experia ProLite Experience
Why Experia ProLite can help you run faster times and not distract you from achieving your next big goal and that state of “inner bliss” on your next run…

The Inventor's Story
Inventor reveals the amazing 10X friction reduction ability of New Nano Glide Technology and how it virtually eliminates the chances of getting a blister…

Ultra-Thin & Ultra-Lightweight Padding
Up to 30% lighter than leading ultra-light running socks, yet virtually eliminates painful chafing, hot spots, and blisters. Guaranteed! The padding density in Experia ProLite varies throughout the sock depending on function. For example, the padding under the ball and heel is the thinnest padding we’ve ever been able to construct for a runner’s foot protection. Each section of the sock frame uses a different yarn configuration and fabric density to optimize performance requirements for serious runners who are focused on meeting the next goal they’ve set for themselves.

Benefits Magnified During Closing Miles…
New Nano Glide Technology coefficient of FRICTION is 0.1 or less, which is the second lowest of any solid material known to mankind; meaning Experia ProLite offers maximum abrasion control virtually eliminating the chance for blisters. It’s the friction from the sock on the skin that produces heat; your body reacts by producing sweat to help cool the skin. If that sweat is not quickly wicked away, blister causing conditions increase amazingly fast.
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