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Shokz OpenMove Headphones

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OpenMove was created with versatility in mind and designed for everyday use, bringing you the best-in-class bone conduction technology, Aftershokz 's signature open-ear design, and comfortable, safe listening at a cost-effective price.
OPEN-EAR DESIGN Unlike other headphones that cover your ears, ours leave your ears completely open for total awareness of surroundings for a safe and connected listening experience.
PREMIUM SOUND QUALITY Powered by patented 7th generation bone conduction and PremiumPitch 2.0™, the unique structure of OpenMove’s earhook compliments the transducer's ability to deliver precise and balanced audio, optimal volume, and rich bass. WATER-RESISTANT Rain, snow, sweat and dust are no match for these IP55 rated headphones, designed to embrace any elements you throw their way
LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE With nothing inside or over your ears, our open-ear, lightweight (29g) design ensures all-day comfort.
SECURE FIT Unlike traditional headphones that move and fall out during use, our titanium band ensures a snug, secure fit. 6 HOURS OF MUSIC AND CALLS With 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and dual noise-canceling mics, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio and calls wherever, whenever.
Lightweight (29g)
IP55 Water Resistant 6-Hour Battery Life
Box Contains:
OpenMove Headphones
Carrying Bag
1 USB-C Charging Cable
Earplugs User Guide
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