RaceDots Magnetic Bib Holders

RaceDots Magnetic Bib Holders
This is a pack of 4 RaceDots

RaceDots are the PATENTED, colorful alternative to safety pins, made with two magnets that lock together to hold your race number in place without damaging clothing.

Hey, runners: we've jazzed up our color selections just for you. We've also improved the back magnet of all RaceDots for 2017. With triple plating and a 10% increase in diameter, the back is even stronger and much easier to handle.

Sleek and Powerful
RaceDots are made from extremely strong rare-earth magnets in a thin metal shell. The patented design allows the two magnetic pieces to nest inside one another making for an extremely strong, hard-to-break bond.

Why do we ruin our expensive race gear with safety pin holes every time we step to the line? We don’t have to! RaceDots hold fast through clothing, so you’ll never pierce or tear your favorite technical tee or cycling jersey again.

Safe to Use
Putting RaceDots on is a snap - no more pricked fingers! Plus, you can slide them around or hold the RaceDot© in place and move your number underneath it for perfect placement. Try that with a safety pin!

No more permanent rust stains when you forget to immediately unpin your number after a race. The RaceDots shell is nickel-plated copper, so they will never rust no matter how much you sweat. Soon offering epoxy coating for those with nickel allergies.
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