On Women's Cloudace

Introducing the ace up your runner’s sleeve, the Women's Cloudace. Superior cushioning doesn’t have to mean slow.
That’s the genius of the new Cloudace: soft landings thanks to our Zero-Gravity heel Clouds, combined with a powerful push-off thanks to our rubber forefoot Clouds. Add to that our liquid-injected speedboard for forward propulsion, an external TPU molded heel counter for rear stability, a premium upper for sublime comfort, and what have you got? Ace running, mile after mile after mile. Cloudace. Seriously Ace. 
  • Extreme heel comfort and protection thanks to Zero-Gravity cushioned Clouds, combined with our forefoot rubber landing zone that encourages an agile push off.

  • Extra-wide Speedboard stablizes the foot throughout each phase of the rolling motion while also propelling push-off.

  • Super-soft, precision-molded 3D heel pads hold the rearfoot snugly in place, while maximum support is delivered via an external heel counter.

  • A technical mesh designed to both vent the forefoot and provide added stability where it’s needed.
No-sew tape ensures midfoot stability while evenly distrubuting pressure throughout the foot. 

Extra-wide Speedboard stablizes the foot throughout each phase of the run motion while also propelling push-off.

Ultra light dual-density sockliner made from high-resilient compression EVA and adaptive memory foam.

Ultrasoft landing zone.Midfoot supported by a natural transition zone designed to evenly distribute pressure.Trademark propulsion zone delivers a res-ponsive push off.

7 mm | 0.28 in

335 g | 11.8 oz 
US M 8.5

267 g | 9.4 oz 
US W 7
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