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Running Shoes

Whether you're a serious competitor or simply like to run for fun and good health, Fit2Run is ready to optimize your experience. Although our huge inventory of athletic shoes and running footwear makes us the runner's superstore, we remain a family-owned company. That means we treat you, the customer, like family.

You'll find all the leading brands when you shop the men's walking and running, racing and trail shoes available here. Brooks, New Balance and ON are just three of the respected names you can choose from.

Our men's neutral running shoes are the right choice for runners with ankles that do not lean or ankles that lean outward. These shoes are available with cushioning ranging from minimal to maximum. That makes it easy to maximize your comfort, which will increase your enjoyment of the sport.

For those with ankles that lean inward, we carry lots of men's stability running shoes. They will help your shoes last longer as you rack up the miles.

If your running takes you beyond the road, check out our men's trail shoes. Built to tackle the toughest trails, these sturdy shoes are designed to protect your feet against off-road hazards. Their grippy soles give you traction even when you negotiate the toughest terrain like rocks, mud, roots and all the other hurdles Mother Nature can place in your way.

If you love to race, you'll want to take a look at our men's racing shoes. Built for speed as well as comfort, these athletic shoes do more than just look fast. Flexible and lightweight, they boast streamlined designs and deliver solid support. They will conserve your energy, so you'll have plenty of gas in the tank to sprint for the finish with an extra kick at the end of the race.

For those who'd rather walk than run, we also carry men's walking shoes. They will make any trip a pleasure rather than a pain, whether you're walking to the store or setting out on a cross-country trek.

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