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Wear men's performance running gear that fits your unique needs by trusting Fit2Run for the latest products. Fit2Run is The Runner's Superstore for athletes of all ages and skill levels. We carry footwear and activewear for men from dozens of the world's leading brands such as ASICS, Vuori, Brooks, Zamst and Saucony. Our fit is your fit, and with our huge inventory and knowledgeable customer service, you'll always leave Fit2Run ready to take on any workout.

Set the right foundation for a good run with the best men's running shoes. We carry neutral training shoes for guys with naturally straight ankles as they run, neutral-plus men's shoes for correcting outward lean and stability running shoes to prop up over-pronated feet. There are many support and cushioning options, so whether you prefer a minimalist shoe or want to walk on air, you'll be a happy camper. We also carry racing flats for diehard competitors, trail running shoes for woodland fanatics and recovery sandals for unwinding afterward.

You'll also need the right clothes to truly make the running man. Our selection of men's athletic tops includes T-shirts, long-sleeves, tank-tops, sweatshirts and all-weather jackets. Add some guy's running shorts or pants and you'll be ready to roll. This athletic apparel comes in all colors and sizes, so you can go with a simple look or find flamboyant patterns and funny runner's slogans. The in-house F2R line of clothing offers the quality you love at an unbeatable price.

Start and end your search for premium men's activewear at Fit2Run. In addition to our unmatched selection, we also offer training programs and weekly fun runs to get you started on the path to fitness. If you're on a limited budget, visit our Sale section to find men's sportswear closeouts. You also save 10% on every purchase and get first dibs on new promotions when you're a member of Club Fit2Run!

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