Running Shoes

It's important to start children off on the right track. That goes for running shoes as well as the other things in life. At Fit2Run, we're dedicated to finding the right fit for our clients to ensure maximum comfort and healthy feet. As a family-owned company, we are naturally just as dedicated in our commitment to the right fit and the right running shoe for children.

If your child has ankles that lean outward or do not lean, they most likely require a neutral running shoe for the best results. Neutral running shoes are a good thing, because these types of ankles mean your children's knees and joints will better absorb impacts as they run. We stock a variety of kids' neutral running shoes and sports footwear that will make any child feel and look great.

The range of sizes we carry here makes it easy to find girls' running shoes as well as boys' trail running shoes. You'll find sizes for preschoolers as well as grade schoolers. Made by household names like Asics, this footwear is constructed with the same advanced materials and innovative design that our adult running shoes boast. Mesh fabric on the uppers will help kids' feet keep cool no matter how hard they play and how hot the day. Sock liners maximize moisture management and deliver responsive rebound to help kids run as fast and as long as they can. Durable outsoles provide long wear despite the tough treatment all active, energetic kids give their shoes.

Besides their practical, technical aspects, our kids' running shoes look great. They feature awesome colors and cool designs. That means your child will love to wear them and show them off to their friends and classmates. Just wearing a pair of these quality athletic shoes can boost kids' confidence as well as their speed and endurance.

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