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One Degree Beyond is about more than just shoes. It’s a rally cry familiar to all achievers. And one that resonates with human aspiration. It’s a challenge. To do more. To see more of the world. To push yourself in every aspect of life. With 361 Degrees, don’t just run farther, faster. Go One Degree Beyond.

Self-described as "one degree beyond," 361 is a running-shoe company determined to add a new dimension to the world of running shoes. At Fit2Run, we're dedicated to getting it first and introducing our customers to exciting new products. That's why we carry a variety of  361 Degrees men's and women's running shoes that can help you run better, faster and farther. We stock these shoes in neutral and stability styles. These trainers will help you go the extra mile in each and every outing.

Large Selection of Premium Running Shoes

Our 361 running shoes collection will help you push yourself above and beyond your normal limits. Products like the Strata 3 are ideal for mid- to high-mileage stability training. Available in men's and ladies' styles, they'll provide protection and comfort as you glide through the miles. Advanced lacing systems provide a secure fit, aided by soft internal webbing midfoot. The midsoles are made of a proprietary EVA and rubber blend that combines cushioning comfort and rapid responsiveness. The engineering of these shoes will provide better toe-off and acceleration.

You'll also find 361 Meraki 2 running shoes for men and women here that can make your mid- to high-mileage training sessions go by faster and more effortlessly. Re-engineered seamless mesh uppers reduce the weight of these shoes while making them fit better. Pressure-free tongues pamper your feet, while midsoles made of a proprietary blend of materials provide superior cushioning for better glide as you stride. Lightweight but strong carbon fiber plates bolster the midfoot sections of these shoes.

Get it First at Fit2Run

If you have questions about any of these products, call or email us for answers. Or, if you happen to live in Florida or to be visiting the Sunshine State, come into one of our stores for personalized service and expert advice.

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