The concept behind Vuori clothing is simple enough: create quality performance wear that can be worn for athletic pursuits and as comfortable casual wear. And that's exactly what you find when you browse our Fit2Run Vuori activewear collection. If you're not keen on wearing apparel that prominently features brand logos, this brand is for you. The brand's focus is on ensuring each piece is technically a work of art while offering you styles you can wear all day. So, feel free to browse for great-looking tops and bottoms that flatter your physique and keep you comfortable regardless of how hard you run or workout.

Activewear for Running

Vuori makes athletic clothing that moves with you, and that's a testament to how its clothing is cut and constructed. The perfect running outfit begins by using fabrics that feel light and offer the right amount of stretch. And since runners are always on the move, you can better appreciate clothing that allows you to run that extra distance without needing to slow down or stop due to issues with uncomfortable clothing. Take your time and pick pieces that allow you to put together a comfortable running outfit for every season.

Athletic and Functional

When you choose to wear Vuori apparel, you're also choosing clothing that is highly functional and primarily designed for accomplishing athletic feats. Essentials built into most of their clothing include moisture wicking, quick-drying qualities and micro perforation to add ventilation. These details make all the difference when you're working up a sweat during a run or workout. Some clothing items also feature UV protection and 4-way stretch for added comfort.

Laid-back Casual Styles

Function doesn't mean sacrificing style, and if you love casual clothing with a laid-back vibe, Vuori clothing may fit in well with your lifestyle. Coordinating separates is easy as pie, and these are clothes you can look good in while doing other things such as shopping, sightseeing or enjoying BBQ with friends. Run in it. Live in it.

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