Saucony running shoes have been impressing people who know more than a thing or two about running since 1977. That's the year the Saucony brand first gained national attention after receiving a US magazine award. Since then, the brand has continued growing in stature and reputation among serious runners. In 1991, the Saucony Original (Jazz O) created a stir by combining great cushion and the company's unique stability-GRID technology. Things have only gotten better since then and Saucony continues pushing the envelope for excellence in running shoe comfort, reliability and design.

Shoes Created by Runners for Runners

Creating a quality running shoe isn't something that just anyone can do, and this is evident when you browse our collection of Saucony brand shoes. One thing that truly distinguishes these shoes from some others is that they are made by people who enjoy running. This means each shoe style receives intense scrutiny throughout the entire creation process. Runners know what other runners need and want in a shoe and everything about Saucony running sneakers embodies this love of running. So, when you're looking for a high-quality running shoe for jogging, racing or running track, Saucony is always a dependable choice.

Guidance and Support

Whether you are a dedicated casual jogger or someone who runs competitively, you want shoes that really help guide and support your feet. Fortunately, Saucony excels in this area. Each shoe includes topsole energy enhancement and superior midsole support. The shoe structure pays close attention to top performance style that is dynamic and structurally sound.

Choose Your Desired Comfort Level

Comfort is often a major factor when choosing a running shoe and the Saucony creative team gets that. In order to reap the full benefits of your Saucony running shoes, they should feel comfortable and fit well. Depending on the shoe style, you can enjoy plush cushiony comfort, responsive cushion comfort or moderate cushion comfort. Having this type of choice is great, because you can select a comfort level that feels right for your running needs.

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