Today's active running lifestyle provides plenty of options for pursuing your fitness goals. Even so, before you go on your adventurous trek, you must solve the issue of where to put all those things you need to take with you. Luckily, Nathan Sports has a solution for where to stash essentials such as house keys, ID, money, energy snacks and your phone. Knowing that runners require ongoing hydration, they also offer helpful solutions such as water bottles and portable hydration accessories. Browse our selection of Nathan products to find useful items you can easily carry with you during your jogs, practice runs and races.

On-the-Go Hydration

Regardless of whether you're a committed amateur runner or professional runner, your body needs a steady supply of water. And while it's never a good idea to go waterless, some runners may skip bringing along water to avoid the hassle of hand-carrying a bottle. Other runners may be fine with holding a bottle but find that it slips out of their hand at inconvenient moments. Nathan hydration has created solutions for both of these common obstacles.

Grip-free Nathan hydration packs include convenient straps you can slide over your hand, relieving hand strain. This item includes a small storage pouch as a bonus. An alternative flask style features an adjustable wrist band for no-hands carrying when you're not using it. Or choose a hydration belt that holds two water bottles.

Wearable Phone Holders

Are you looking for a quality phone holder that can withstand the rigors of constant motion? Nathan phone holders are made of sturdy materials and the construction and design is top-notch. Now you can find a sleek phone holder that securely keeps your phone in place while offering features such as moisture-wicking and reflective visibility. The type of phone these holders can carry varies by design.

A Place to Stash Your Stuff

Finding a place to stash keys, money, snacks and other odds and ends you need on-the-go is easy when you wear a Nathan Pak around your waist. Crafted of durable materials, these packs are lightweight and feature zippered pockets for storing small items. Or opt for a lightweight vest with plenty of room for water, snacks, a phone and other items.

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