Sports bras offer many benefits. By holding breasts in place better than everyday bras, they help avoid pain and discomfort while working out. In the long run, they can help prevent breasts from sagging and drooping, thanks to their better support. In addition, by discouraging excessive jiggling, a good sports bra can help avoid unwanted attention, wolf whistles, stares and comments as women work out.

Activewear Sports Bras

If you are looking for the best sports bra for running, you have come to the right place. At Fit2Run, the runner's superstore, our mission is to provide the world's best running gear to all sorts of runners, from beginners to veterans.

Founded in Montana in 2006 by a fitness trainer looking for a better bra, Handful has become a leading maker of bras, leggings and other women's sports apparel. If you are looking for a high-impact running bra that can give you full support during even the most strenuous workouts and the longest runs, Fit2Run carries a selection of premium Handful high-impact running and sports bras that will help you feel and look better. Many of these bras are so comfortable and will make you look so good you will want to wear them while working as well as while working out.

Fabrics and Styles to Suit Everyone

You'll find bras here made of super-soft fabrics like quick-drying poly and Spandex blends. Wicking lining keeps you comfortable even as you up the tempo or exercise in hot, humid conditions. Flat seams inside these bras increase your comfort level.

Choose from a variety of styles, including adjustable and Y-back bras. Some models offer straps that can be changed to X-back, straight or halter configurations. Each bra comes with a set of removable Lights Out pads. They will provide a perfect, form-flattering fit.

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