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Are you looking for comfortable, affordable athletic apparel that includes performance-enhancing qualities? Good. Fit2Run apparel is made especially for you and all your running and workout activities. We know what runners like, which is why F2R Performance apparel is popular among those who seek tops and bottoms made from premium quality fabrics. We also want you to look good, and our designs feature modern accents that are fashionable, easy-going and relaxed.

Athletic Fit for Lightweight Comfort

Whatever your gender, you want to know that your athletic clothing is going to be as comfortable as possible. Comfort is key and that's why all our Fit2Run gear is designed and cut in in a way that flatters your unique physique, regardless of size or gender. Breathable fabric flows and stretches in harmony with your movements. It's also lightweight, so you always feel adequately covered but never bogged down in too much fabric. Some tops feature zippers for style and function. Bottoms have elastic in the waist area for mid-section comfort.

Moisture Wicking and UV Ray Protection

At some point during your run or workout, sweat beads break out and this common occurrence often drenches clothing with unwanted moisture. Thankfully, our Fit2Run apparel includes built-in moisture wicking. This means that no matter how much you work up a sweat, your performance clothing protects you from excess moisture by drying quickly. Some of our athletic tops also include various amounts of UPF sun protection, which is something you may want while running in areas that are prone to getting lots of natural sunlight.

Relaxed Fit and Easy to Clean

F2R Performance apparel is created for anyone who appreciates classic style and a relaxed fit. After your run or workout, you can live in our clothes for hours at a time or all day. Plus, there's no worrying over getting them dirty. Cleaning our activewear is a breeze. Simply toss your running apparel into the washer on laundry day and wash with other clothing.

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