Ciele Athletics

The moment you pick up and hold a Ciele hat in your hand is the moment you realize that there is such a thing as a great-quality athletic hat. Visually attractive to look at, the designers of Ciele running hats have put lots of thought into creating a hat you can wear for jogging, long-distance runs and for everyday errands and get-togethers with friends. It's the kind of hat you can grab and wear any time of day and know that it's going to enhance your outfit while providing solid, reliable outdoor protection.

Lightweight with Built-in Cooling

Constructed of lightweight high-performance material, you can wear your Ciele hat for hours without discomfort. The adjustable back straps can quickly be loosened or tightened to create a comfortable fit. Additionally, each running hat is made with quick-drying COOLwick fabric, which helps reduce moisture from sweat as you generate body heat. This wicking action is especially appreciated when you're running during warm or hot days. And while staying cool is important, it's also important to keep your head protected from harsh UV rays. Ciele running hats fight sun damage with UPF +40 sun protection

Contemporary Unisex Designs

Shop for Ciele hats by choosing the hat design you want. All hat designs are unisex and designed to be worn by people from all walks of life. Choose a cool running hat featuring a front-facing logo or choose a running trucker hat style. Logos and underbrim areas are reflective, increasing your visibility for those evening and night runs.

Easy to Transport and Clean

Sometimes you may want to remove your hat and carry it with you, and you can easily do that thanks to the hat's high-performance pliability. The brim and front panel are flexible enough to stuff inside a backpack, gym bag, purse or carry-all bag. Also, when you're ready to wash it, simply toss it into the washer and allow it to hang dry. Once clean, it's ready for your next adventure.

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