Compression clothing can provide many benefits to athletes, whether they are working out, competing or recovering. These garments can stimulate increased blood flow and oxygen levels in specific parts of the body. That can lead to enhanced performance while running, exercising or competing as well as to quicker recovery times afterward.

Unisex Compression Clothing

To help you perform and recover better and faster, Fit2Run carries a selection of 2XU men's and women's compression shorts and clothing. Our 2XU running brands apparel has you covered from top to bottom.

Founded in Australia in 2005 by a former professional triathlete and two partners, 2XU (which stands for "two times you") provides outstanding compression clothing. The 2XU brand is known for its proprietary PWX fabric that is strong but light, flexible and durable.

Compression for Performance

The graduated compression in these garments is aimed not only at increasing blood flow but at boosting lymphatic drainage and reducing blood lactate. 2XU tests its fabrics to ensure they will perform their best while helping you perform your best.

You'll find compression clothing here to cover all your needs. Available in men's or women's models, our 2XU running compression socks are designed to stabilize your feet and ankles while optimizing your stride. Our collection of women's and men's compression pants include compression shorts and tights in a variety of lengths and styles to suit your body and the kind of running and exercising you do.

If you're looking for a smart alternative to compression tops, check out our compression arm sleeves. Supporting the forearms, elbows and biceps, these can reduce muscle fatigue, soreness and injury while providing full freedom of movement and speeding recovery. They are great for warmer weather.

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