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Let's Fly Farther Together

HOKA: Farther Together

HOKA is a fearless force in the world of running with its innovative designs and drive in its purpose to the running community. Their main goal is “to inspire people to move” in running, walking, fitness, outdoors or wherever you find joy in movement. Empowering all athletes to act fearlessly is Hoka’s specialty and it continues to show us their commitment to this goal in their most recent series “Farther Together”. Celebrating a world of athletes and our ability to be a fearless force as we join together to go farther when we move as one. Inspired by this series and the message it carries, we partnered with HOKA to find inspiring athletes in the Fit2Run community who have been able to go farther than even they thought possible in their athletic journey thanks to the help of a friend, family member or an entire community.   

Farther Together With My Better Half

 My wife has always been my better half. Ever since I started this journey, she has been at every finish line waiting for me like the perfect cheerleader. One time I remember was when she wasn't there because we had an argument. I ran hard and sad. All I could think about was the pain in my heart and the disappointment of crossing that finish line for the 1st time all alone. But she was there! She was waiting for me with cheers, apologies and water. She didn't miss the race and I wasn't alone.

-Tamara Johnson     

Farther Together With My Teammates 

I ran cross country at a D2 university. In the 3.5 years I was there I hadn’t PR’d in the 5k. My coach and teammates were lifting me up and encouraging me during my last season. They all told me I had what it takes and I had been running the times at practice. They encouraged me to believe in myself. My last collegiate race was a 5k and I PR’d by 44 seconds. I couldn’t have done that without their encouragement and support. They always believed in me more than I believed in myself. 

-Olivia Gregory

Farther Together With My Sister

My first 10 mile run! I was a new runner, working over the course of 4 months to go from barely running a mile in June, to completing a full 10 on Christmas Eve! My sister, Lisa, was my cheerleader from day 1 and there's no way I would have stayed motivated and on track without her. We had an amazing run along the waterfront, spotting dolphins, manatee, our "friends" we regularly see, and enjoyed perfect weather. She always knew when to let me off and when to kick me into gear. Love her so much and she deserves all the thanks!!

-Brandi Morris

Farther Together With My Friend

My husband and I were shot during a home invasion many years ago. I had been a dancer, but the bullet severed every muscle, tendon, and nerve on my outer ankle, leaving it permanently weak and without feeling. After months of physical therapy and relearning to walk, I began walking, then running, for exercise. Two years ago, a friend of mine convinced me to do a Spartan race. I never thought I would actually be able to do it, but with his help, I did! Since then my husband and I have gone on to do almost a dozen obstacle course races. Since I have no feeling in my foot/ankle, it is difficult for me to feel the terrain underneath. I have taken my fair share of falls, but I always get back up and keep going. Without my friend, my husband, and the amazing family of obstacle course racers who are always willing to help someone in need, I would not be able to do what I have grown to love.


Athletes Who Go Farther Together

The athletes featured above are great examples of how the support and encouragement of others around us really can improve our performance and motivate us to push even our own boundaries. Stories like this are what keeps us at Fit2Run motivated and excited to serve our running communities because we know that running is so much more than just running. Please continue to share your stories, and be on the lookout for more stories like these, by connecting with us on social media!


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