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Asics Sonicsprint Elite 2

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The SONICSPRINT ELITE™ 2 spike is built for speed from the ground up and is recommended for competitive sprinters who want to take their racing to the next level. Designed with a molded nylon spike (pin) plate has added traction in the outsole to improve grip, eliminating the need for a traditional spike (pin) configuration. Instead, the SONICSPRINT ELITE™ 2 shoe uses only four spikes (pins) while still providing great traction. This variation is also designed to make better contact with the ground to build a quicker and more powerful stride. The upper is made of proprietary material that is lighter than traditional upper fabrics, making this racing shoe lightweight yet durable. This helps to create a spike with excellent hold both to the foot and to the track. If you want to run fast, the SONICSPRINT ELITE™ 2 track spike is your ticket to ride.
  • Mesh Upper: Provides excellent comfort and breathability.
  • DYNAWRAP™ Technology: Enables better midfoot stability by keeping the foot centered on the shoe's platform.
  • Nylon outsole plate with four metal spikes (pins)
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Shoe Type Racing
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