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Every runner knows you have to take care of your feet 24/7. But sometimes, a good pair of running shoes alone isn't enough to keep your feet cozy and pain-free. Aetrex shoe inserts are designed to go the extra mile just like you. For more than 70 years, Aetrex has been the global leader in comfort orthotic soles for athletic, casual and dress shoes. They use the latest foot-scanning technology to develop and manufacture foot inserts that match your specific foot type as well as your footwear style. We know fit at Fit2Run, and we'll help you find the best custom Aetrex inserts for when you're ready to lace them up.

We stock Aetrex athletic foot insoles for men and women that provide proper arch support and alignment. The right inserts do more than prevent soreness after a long workout - they also keep your body aligned and balanced, which reduces the risk of plantar fasciitis and overuse injuries. Low/flat arch training insoles will stop your feet from turning inward and putting pressure on the big toes. If you're constantly landing on the outer edge of your feet, consider some medium/high active inserts. Aetrex memory foam orthotic inserts offer a true custom fit to your foot's shape. Fit2Run also has insoles with metatarsal support that aids runners who suffer from chronic discomfort in the ball of the foot.

These lightweight insoles are made from high-quality materials to provide maximum comfort, support and durability. A CopperGuard top cover helps prevent odor and fungi while an AeroCell or Poron performance base keeps them stable as you run. The use of Pro-Shox or slow-recovery memory foam for cushion helps absorb shocks. Each model of Aetrex insoles comes in many sizes and width to fit right in your shoe without trimming. Join Club Fit2Run to get 10% off along with free shipping on orders over $29.99. When you stop by one of our Florida or Puerto Rico stores, you can use our free iStep or Albert Systems that recommends the right orthotics!

Aetrex Arch Support for Flat Feet
Aetrex Arch Support for Medium - High Arches
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