Everyone loves a sunny day. Life just seems better when the sun shines. Even so, it's possible to get too much of a good thing.

Whether you're running on a hot day or just soaking up the sun on the beach, you want to protect your body from harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition to causing skin cancer, UV rays can damage your eyes, causing long-term problems such as cataracts. To guard against those dangers, you'll find sunglasses here that provide UV400 protection to block 100% of the UVA and UVB rays constantly bombarding you.

Runner's Sunglasses

When you think about running accessories, sunglasses should be on your list. In fact, once you start wearing sunglasses, "accessories" soon will become necessities, thanks to the protection and comfort they deliver.

At Fit2Run, we offer lots of attractive solutions to problems caused by the sun. We carry an extensive lineup of premium women's and men's sunglasses that will help you see and be seen in the best light.

Besides shielding your eyes from the sun, our shades can be as handy as reflective running accessories in making your running and walking safer. Thanks to their polarized lenses, they will cut the glare, making it easier to spot potential hazards like cars, trucks, bikes and pedestrians.

Premium Brand-Name Sunglasses for Sports

You'll find top-quality brands here, like Goodr BFG Sunglasses and many other styles. We stock glasses specifically designed for runners. Using special grip coating and designed to fit your face as well as your running shoes fit your feet, these sunglasses don't slip or bounce while you work out. We also carry sunglasses that are great for golfing, fishing and other outdoor sports where you want to see and look your best.

Despite their advanced features, these glasses won't cost you an arm and a leg. That means you won't have to take out a bank loan to replace them if you accidentally drop them in the drink or step on them.

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