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KT TAPE’s Recovery Patches utilize edema taping to lift the skin and allow lymphatic fluids to flow for faster healing. Recovery Patches are a safe and comfortable way to reduce swelling and inflammation. Simply apply the Recovery Patch over the swollen area and it quickly begins working to increase lymphatic drainage. Use Recovery Patches to relieve swelling due to surgery, medical ailments, and injuries or reduce general swelling in feet and ankles or other body parts prone to inflammation. KT Recovery+ Recovery Patches remove swelling and lymph drainage at a faster rate. They work by gently lifting the skin and allowing fluid to drain away from the swollen area through the lymphatic system. For larger areas, apply multiple patches like a daisy chain or overlap a couple at a time for more effective results.

Not clinically proven for all applications.


Natural, drug-free way to reduce pain and promote faster healing without medication*
Specially woven design provides breathability and can be worn comfortably for 1–3 days
Simple 2-step process for fast and easy application
Water resistant materials allow for showering without reapplication
All natural 100% cotton fibers combine with elastic cores to provide support without restricting motion
Pressure-activated latex-free adhesive to avoid skin irritation

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